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Different forms of hidden power which can create many styling possibilities and reconstruct relations between things, such as conscious and unconscious, thoughts and forms, jewellery and wearer, materials and environment, are explored in the Chinese mulberry bark paper making process. It is a pulling force that connects separate front and back sides of jewellery and allows the objects to be attached to clothing and become jewellery. The project is driven by experiments, and each piece in it is developed from a single word. Like an unrecognizable spell, the implication of language which affects development of the work and viewers’ understanding is a kind of hidden power.

Hidden power is a power of transformation, capable of transforming a two dimension into a three dimension, the abstract into the concrete, waste into a treasure.
Hidden power is also a power of integration. Causality, as a means of connection, includes not only regularity, but also indeterminacy, randomness and non-repeatability. With the cooperation of the materials themselves and the environment, water and heat, the works are transformed. The properties of the material itself and the textual information of the inherent word, unite to create a new form and surface texture.

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